I’m a New York City-based writer with two newly finished screenplays. The latest, The Modern Christian Spinster’s Guide to Love in the Twenty-First Century is about motorcycles, Latin lovers and Sunday school — topics that appear in some of the other writings on this site (like “No Country for Old Broads,” about my encounter with Javier Bardem on the red carpet). You can find a synopsis and other details about the screenplay here.

My other screenplay, The Judas Horse is based on a 2012 article I wrote for Forbes.com — Texas Mayor Paula Bacon Kicks Some Tail — about an intrepid small-town mayor who shut down a brutal slaughterhouse for horses in her small East Texas town, and ended up exposing a long trail of tainted horse blood leading from her community, through the state capital, and all the way to Capitol Hill. That script is under option to Nous Entertainment.

The research for that story took me three years, culminating in an extensive series of articles published in Forbes.com, Newsweek, Alternet, Salon, The Huffington Post and Laika on the underground horse meat trade, wild horse politics and roundups and cowboy rebellions over public lands. I also produced a book proposal, a proposal for a TV pilot; and two web sites (dailypitchfork.org, of which I am executive editor, and vickeryeckhoff.com).

In my previous life, I was a senior copywriter at the The New York Times, Dow Jones, Esquire, Forbes, Conde Nast and several large digital agencies (R/GA and Wunderman).

I hope you enjoy my writing.  For more information, please reach me at:

Email: veckhoff@rcn.com
Twitter: @viglet and @mcspinster
Phone: 917-439-8748







5 thoughts

  1. Like McEDees, I’m lovin’ it, Vick! Haven’t been able to read all areas of the site (yet) but, not unlike a good book that you’re afraid to finish and then feel hopelessly alone, I’ll visit often and savor each visit!

  2. Hi Vickery,

    I am a friend of your sister, Nina, who sent me the link to your May 2, 2010 blog, so that I could read Last Days at Nirvana Farm. I wound up reading all of the posts, all of which I enjoyed. I found your discussion of the First Church of Christ, Scientist. very interesting. I was raised Roman Catholic, but was related to and very fond of two people who were Christian Scientists. They were very successful, happy people, who, unfortunately, passed away at relatively young ages. I was very young at the time. I remember, in both instances, heart broken people saying, “If only…..” It was very confusing to me. You provided some interesting insights. Today, I am an admirer of the Church’s youth activities and a frequent peruser of the Monitor, which I enjoy, but do not always agree.

    BTW, our fathers could have crossed paths, as mine was an Army engineer, who blew up a lot of things, but in the ETO.

    Be all of that, as it may, keep writing. If your words are interesting and enjoyable to an old, jaded jock like me, they would appeal to a lot of people. Good luck with your life after Nirvana Farm.

    All the best,


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