Looking for Love in a Cheating World

Yes, I survived a double head on collision on this BMW F650 single cylinder, chain driven street bike.

The Modern Christian Spinster’s Guide to Love in the Twenty-First Century is an original, faith-based romantic comedy, about a Sunday school teacher who enlists God’s help as dating coach — and all hell breaks loose..

Lindley Brown’s quest — to find love in a cheating world — takes her speeding the wrong way on a busy Manhattan off ramp, then back in time to an unlikely place: the church in which she was raised. 

A near fatal motorcycle accident, love affairs with swarthy foreigners, a long period of celibacy; through these experiences, Lindley narrates her search for divine and earthly love by doing what seems ridiculously naïve in hard-bitten New York City: loving her neighbors — and the men she meets— as herself.

Modern Christian Spinster is autobiographical, and about 95% true. It is my fifth screenplay (my second, The Judas Horse, is under option), is registered with WGA-East as well as copyrighted; 111 pages; and also available for option.

For an executive summary, or more information, please contact me at veckhoff@rcn.com. 


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